Soundtrack to a Savage WW2-Fantasy Campaign

UntitledJust finished Part 7 of what was supposed to be a 3 or 4-session Savage Worlds campaign that’s sort of a Weird Wars-Changeling WoD mashup. The number of Player Wild Cards and NPCs is getting pretty crazy. To help keep track of their various personalities and motivations, I’ve decided to give each character their own song (akin to my article a little while back, Story and Soundtrack to a Savage World of Darkness). Here goes:

Max Graff, Weird Scientist and Jewish-Czech resistance leader (Player). An analytical mind combined with some anger-management issues when it comes to Fascists. Read the rest of this entry »


Things Are Getting Grimmer

Lizard EyeWith our first couple of sessions of a Savage Worlds forest dungeon crawl adventure under our belts, Grimm the Lizard Wizard and his fighting friends began the latest game night on the edge of an eeeeeevil black marsh in search of a Basilisk.

The game session had a different dynamic this time, since two of our players were out (one for work, another for a cat-related emergency) and a third was at a theatrical performance for the first half. This actually helped things move along a bit quicker, with Shane and I handling multiple roles. We made some quick Charisma-boosting upgrades with experience points to turn our archer, “Brave Sir Robin“, into a leader, because we seemed to be having some issues actually talking with NPCs in productive ways. Then we started out into the wilderness. Read the rest of this entry »