What Do You Do with Your Old Homebrew Campaigns?

Freeport: The Buccaneers of the SkiesInglourious Basterds meets the Lord of the Rings.┬áThat pretty much sums up how my latest Savage Worlds campaign played out. Savage WW2 combat, magic, changelings and epic battles involving Nazi clones and twelve-foot tall Gray Elves — awesome stuff. I enjoyed the campaign immensely and my Players did too.

I’ve now run probably 6 or 7 or so Savage Worlds campaigns over maybe 25 sessions. I’ve got a lot of RPG stuff in various files backed up in Google Drive. I was thinking of throwing together some downloadable PDFs of them to share — but then I figured, why not make some money from them?

My next thought was — am I willing to put in the effort to make these — and market them? I don’t actually run a gaming company (though I do run a web copywriting company). I know that it’s not just about making stuff, but getting the products out to people who will buy them.