Our team of heroes includes some serious Wild Cards. No Mooks allowed.

Jonathon Narvey (jnarvey) is a Seasoned-Level GM with Skills in Knowledge (Politics, Website Copywriting, Social Media) and writer-themed Edges including Fast Typer and Reliable Internet Connection. Jumping back into RPG-gaming after many years on the lam, he wonders whether he’s truly got what it takes to achieve the top ranks of GM-dom. Will his wild imagination and enthusiasm for storytelling help him overcome a reckless disregard for the rules of the game?

Shane Birley (shanebee) is a Veteran-Level GM and a real-life Wild Card. His maxed-out Skills include Knowledge (Computers, Website Development, Improv); he’s also got Edges in Drupal Domination, Two-Fisted Blogging and Podcast Personality. As a GM, he’s all about giving Players the freedom to wander in the sandbox that his imagination creates. As a Player, he owns the sandbox with the power of his personality. When game day arrives, how will this unpredictable improv mastermind put his stamp on the adventure?

Ali Lupu (alilupu) is a Heroic Player with a wide array of creative-themed Skills in Knowledge (Graphic Design, Illustration, Cooking) as well as some serious Climbing chops (d12+1). Playing a fleet-footed Accountant in Zombie Run, he helped gun down a Zombie horde and Mad Maxwellian army of scavenging scum; playing a half-Sioux gunslinger in the Wild West, he stealthily crept up on countless enemies before dispatching them with bullets and generous helpings of dynamite. Sounds pretty harsh, but these are Savage Worlds, after all.


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