Savage Habits and a Dungeon Tale

DrinkingOne of the Hindrances that gets used a lot in my Savage Worlds campaigns is Habit. Whether you’re dealing with cigars, alcohol, cocaine or sweet, sweet love, it’s one of those Hindrances that’s just hard to forget about and easy to roleplay.

On a related note, over at The Island of Misfit Stories, my buddy Rob and I each wrote about the theme of “addiction” in one of our recent stabs at short fiction. Technically, my story is probably a bit more D&D than Savage World-ish, but I like to think I stuck to the theme pretty well. You be the judge:

“I said keep away from me, you chanting idiot!” Daggerin shouted at Lore, raising his axe as a warning while turning his back to Gygax. “Who has a potion of healing? Give me it now.”

“This is highly irregular,” Gygax said, shaking his bearded head.

“You all know damn well why he’s acting this way,” Steve said while checking through the rest of the Goblin’s bodies to see if there were any more coins hidden away. “Let’s just get this out in the open, already.”


Story and Soundtrack to a Savage World of Darkness

Music to play vampire RPGs by

Photo Credit: Michael D. Dunn

I’m pleased to report that a 5-Part Savage Worlds campaign inspired by WoD Vampires went about as well as I could have imagined. (In no particular order) Brian, Christoph, Lisa, Ian & Rhys, please congratulate yourselves on some epic roleplaying.

I’m not doing a full plot point recap or short story based on the sessions, but I am providing some notes below to remember some of the good stuff that went into this. Here goes…

The Big Idea I Had for this Chronicle: Interview with a Vampire meets Memento Read the rest of this entry »

A Who’s Who of Our Savage World of Darkness

I’m heading into the second session of a Savage Worlds campaign inspired by the World of Darkness Vampires. The first session was a lot of fun, but I’m already starting to feel a bit like I’ve created a monster: with so many Wild Cards and Mooks introduced already, we’re dealing with an intimidatingly large cast of characters — and I’m the GM! For the benefit of the Players, here’s a pictorial roundup of our rapidly-growing cast — at least most of the undead folks.

ARIANA (Player Wild Card). A shape-changing vampire who channels the Beast.

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Collaborative Storytelling

When I GM, I want to create epic stories — with the help of the Players. In recent games, I’ve seen the epic-ness happen, as in my latest campaign. The Players are listening to me and each other and bouncing off each other in interesting ways.

I’ve also seen games go off the rails spectacularly when the Players aren’t cooperating. I called it quits on an intricately-designed campaign after just an hour and a half into the first session. I wanted to run an action-packed gothic horror campaign, but my first Player wanted his Character to run into the woods and be a hermit about ten minutes in; the second Player wanted to run a hamburger stand for the Undead. It just didn’t gel, to the point that I was so annoyed I nearly quit gaming altogether. Read the rest of this entry »

Running a New Savage Worlds Game in Vancouver

After a fairly long hiatus in which I’ve been playing a WoD/CoC mashup, I’m finally back to running my own Savage Worlds campaign, starting next weekend. Since I got a shared office in downtown Vancouver, I’ve also got an excellent base from which to run games (My cramped living room was never ideal).

The new Savage Worlds adventure is a sci-fi adventure game, sort of a mashup of hard SF and other influences like Gamma World, Fallout and Cormac McCarthy’s story, The Road — details at the Vancouver Roleplayers’ Collective Meetup group. If you’re in my hood, feel free to check it out. I’m pretty stoked.

Though I’m less than stoked that all of the Pinterest images I threw onto this blog are now toast. Seriously… I’m going back to Flickr.