The Big Mystery

Why would any self-respecting game designer have put The Simpsons Mystery of Life board game into production instead of throwing the prototype into an incinerator?

Our gaming group took a break from Savage Worlds and delved into this treasure from Ali’s childhood. The arm-wrestling interlude, burping contest and scary face competition could not salvage this abortion-in-a-box. Suffice to say, it did not live up to the nostalgia factor.

Source: via Nlyten on Pinterest


Wicklow’s Parting Letter

Hey, guys, this was pinned to Wicklow’s front door. I thought you should know about it…

Playing Savage Worlds Remotely & How Role Playing Can Happen Over The Internet

I have been doing a bit of research on how to integrate remote players and it seems we are not the only group with this desire. There are a bunch of examples of people playing D&D/Savage Worlds via the Internet. Most of the time, it seems Skype is used for small groups while Google Talk is used for larger groups. There are a bunch of other online “rooms” that are also used but they appear to be less popular.

One thing I wondered was “how do you roll dice” with remote players? Is this entirely on the honour system or is it some available tool?


There is such a tool. It is called (not-so-surprisingly) the Online Dice Roller. It is a chat-based system where people can roll dice as a group. I checked it out and it looks like we can have the remote players log into the site (much like IRC), select the dice, and conduct the roll. The roll results appear as chat posts and, viola, your roll is submitted. Pretty cool, huh?

Check it out over here.

This is only the first step to getting this all to work as the group dynamics of time is more involved than just rolling dice.