Savage Habits and a Dungeon Tale

DrinkingOne of the Hindrances that gets used a lot in my Savage Worlds campaigns is Habit. Whether you’re dealing with cigars, alcohol, cocaine or sweet, sweet love, it’s one of those Hindrances that’s just hard to forget about and easy to roleplay.

On a related note, over at The Island of Misfit Stories, my buddy Rob and I each wrote about the theme of “addiction” in one of our recent stabs at short fiction. Technically, my story is probably a bit more D&D than Savage World-ish, but I like to think I stuck to the theme pretty well. You be the judge:

“I said keep away from me, you chanting idiot!” Daggerin shouted at Lore, raising his axe as a warning while turning his back to Gygax. “Who has a potion of healing? Give me it now.”

“This is highly irregular,” Gygax said, shaking his bearded head.

“You all know damn well why he’s acting this way,” Steve said while checking through the rest of the Goblin’s bodies to see if there were any more coins hidden away. “Let’s just get this out in the open, already.”


Gaming and Writing Fiction

Gaming wasn’t always good inspiration for fiction. I definitely got that impression on reading the original Dragonlance novels inspired by D&D back in the day — or I should say, trying to read them. Loved the game, hated the stories.

I think part of it was disappointment that the novels didn’t really reflect a typical gaming session. That instinct was soon followed by an equally strong hunch that basing fiction off a typical gaming session would be awful — sort of like the James Bond flicks that I hated before Daniel Craig took over, full of explosions and short on plot, character and the most important elements of actual stories.

Since I started gaming in plot-point defined Savage Worlds campaigns involving deeply flawed characters, roleplayed by people who seem to want to convey micro-stories themselves, I’m finding that the games are actually inspring good stories worth writing; not fanfic and not game summaries, but actual, original fiction that takes bits and pieces from game days. This makes me happy.

If you’ve checked out some of the older posts on this site, you can read some of my earlier game-inspired fiction. I’m also writing stuff over at The Island of Misfit Stories


Planet Zod. A Savage Wrap-Up

Movie Masters General Zod at the Mattel booth at San Diego Comic-Con InternationalWhen I set out to recap our Savage Worlds gaming group’s playthrough of my homebrewed Planet Zod campaign, I didn’t realize it would turn into such a monster. Roughly 8,000 words later, I’m kind of spent… but also very pleased at the end result. You can see the chapters collected here:

  1. The Savage World of Ordinary Heroes
  2. Two Cops Saving the World
  3. Secrets in Smallville
  4. Warehouse 13
  5. Return to S.T.A.R. Labs
  6. Dark Knights
  7. The Joker’s Wild
  8. A Time to Kill

A writer is never an objective critic of his own fiction, but I think I turned out something pretty decent. You’ll be the judge of that. But I was was also trying to help other Savage Worlds players (and potential SW gamers) understand how the game works — hence, the “Gameplay” insertions that hopefully aren’t more of a distraction than they’re worth. Read the rest of this entry »

Planet Zod. Part 8. A Time to Kill

Patriotic Waving Tattered Shredding American Flag, Old Glory, The Red White and Blue, Stars & Stripes, That Ragged Old FlagIn this final instalment of the Savage Worlds Planet Zod RPG playthrough stories, our heroes are nearing the end of their self-appointed quest. Metropolis Detectives Irving Stone and John Bottom have already crossed the line many times, working with killers and terrorists to get what they need to stop General Zod. And now, the final chapter…

They’d driven through the night to before they saw the road sign, “Welcome to Washington, D.C.” with the cryptic District motto in smaller letters underneath: “Justice for all.” Stone felt a little chill as he thought about the possible meaning of that curt little phrase. Read the rest of this entry »

Planet Zod. Part 7. The Joker’s Wild

JOKERContinuing on with our Planet Zod fictionalized series of Savage World RPG play-throughs, our heroes are just managing to keep their heads straight as enemies become allies and vice versa. They’ve managed to stop Bruce Wayne and his brutal servant Albert from wrecking their game plan to stop General Zod — but can they really work with Wayne’s hired homicidal maniac?

“Can we really go through with this?” Detective Irving Stone whispered out loud as they approached the old “abandoned” hotel where the Joker supposedly had set up shop. “We’re cops, damn it.”

The courier who’d showed them the route was long gone. They were on their own.

“Don’t see as we have a choice,” his partner, Detective John Bottom replied. Read the rest of this entry »