A Message from the GM

I’ve always been a fan of role-playing games since the early days of Dungeons and Dragons… but for a long, long time, I didn’t have anyone to play with.

Then I discovered a bunch of dudes who also wanted to game. Conveniently enough, they were already good friends. So we got to it.

After a decade-long hiatus of game-playing, we’re back into the gaming groove, using the Savage Worlds RPG system. We’ve gone adventuring through everything from the Old West (Deadlands) to D&D-style fantasy and Walking Dead-style zombie apocalypse campaigns.

This is where we keep a record of our play-throughs, thoughts on RPG gaming and related stuff. We hope you enjoy it and maybe even learn something you can apply to your own game.

Until next time, stay Savage.

— Jonathon Narvey


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