Open Letter to a Terrible Savage Worlds Roleplayer

Photo Credit: Tom Coates

Photo Credit: Tom Coates

Dear X,

I’m so sorry it’s come to this. It’s not you. It’s me.

My apologies if I’m being overly dramatic, but that’s kind of the point. I like running high-drama, fast-action, cinematic Savage Worlds campaigns where players really immerse themselves into their characters.

The rest of the group seems to be down with that. They’ve developed back-stories for their characters over time. Every chance they get, they’re playing their character Hindrances to the hilt (yes, even when it puts them at a disadvantage — maybe even risks their death). They’re following up on clues, making alliances with NPCs, agonizing over moral choices and generally trying to get their characters’ story arcs to proceed to their dramatic conclusions.

No dramatic story arcs for you. You’re beyond such things.

The rare time you seem to pay attention to anything that I say is when combat is imminent. You’re swinging your sword roughly every two and a half hours. That, and slapping the ass of any female NPC you encounter and then run away, giggling. And stealing shit from friendly NPCs for no reason, putting your fellow characters at risk. That’s pretty much all you do. You seem to be trying to model the behaviour of a highly-empowered, sword-swinging, 250 lb., 12 year old kid.

Not really working for us.

In the last session, when another Player tried to get you to, roleplay a conversation (ie. talk), you clammed up for a minute straight and stared with a rictus grin at me until I was forced to move the game along.

When I, as the GM, tried to get you to interact with an NPC, same deal.

10 sessions in, you still haven’t bothered to connect your character to the group. You’re just kind of there, like a roommate who’s 3 months behind on his rent.

It’s a challenge to immerse yourself into a character. I get that. But when you don’t get into character, it’s tougher for the other Players do do their thing.

You don’t add anything to the story, other than random stupidity and violence. It kind of begs the question: why are you there?

So… look. I’m sorry it’s come to this, but I think it’s time for you to make a decision. Maybe it’s time to move on?

Really, it’s not you. It’s me. I’m the one demanding a cinematic campaign. I think you might be a lot happier spending your weekend doing something else. Just saying.


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