Handling Prisoners in Savage Worlds

1949 film noir “Knock on Any Door” ...item 2.. Man, 20, 'bashed boss's wife and daughter to death with cement block (27 December 2013) ...item 3.. Chet Baker - Best Of Chet Baker ...The heroes grabbed the villain and tied him to a chair in a closet. They tried to intimidate him — and then when they didn’t like his blustery response, they smashed his face in. After the rough stuff was over, the villain gave them all of the information they wanted (in truth, they easily could have got about 90 percent of the info just from talking to just about any longtime resident of the city, but whatever. Proper police questioning technique is a post for another day).

When the villain was done sharing all of the information he had, the honourable holy Paladin of our group announced that he was going to slit the helpless villain’s throat.

At this point, a reasonable outsider starts asking, “Who is the hero and who is the villain, again?” Read the rest of this entry »