What Do You Do with Your Old Homebrew Campaigns?

Freeport: The Buccaneers of the SkiesInglourious Basterds meets the Lord of the Rings. That pretty much sums up how my latest Savage Worlds campaign played out. Savage WW2 combat, magic, changelings and epic battles involving Nazi clones and twelve-foot tall Gray Elves — awesome stuff. I enjoyed the campaign immensely and my Players did too.

I’ve now run probably 6 or 7 or so Savage Worlds campaigns over maybe 25 sessions. I’ve got a lot of RPG stuff in various files backed up in Google Drive. I was thinking of throwing together some downloadable PDFs of them to share — but then I figured, why not make some money from them?

My next thought was — am I willing to put in the effort to make these — and market them? I don’t actually run a gaming company (though I do run a web copywriting company). I know that it’s not just about making stuff, but getting the products out to people who will buy them.



3 Comments on “What Do You Do with Your Old Homebrew Campaigns?”

  1. merovex says:

    Scrivener can help you create/organize/publish the materials into Kindle or Paper form. Then use Createspace to make print-on demand. Scrivener goes for like USD 50, Createspace is essentially free.

    • merovex says:

      Createspace gives you the chance to sell paper copies. Though I know there are game sites that sell RPGs via PDF online. Just a thought. Scrivener can get you that PDF.

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