Savage Habits and a Dungeon Tale

DrinkingOne of the Hindrances that gets used a lot in my Savage Worlds campaigns is Habit. Whether you’re dealing with cigars, alcohol, cocaine or sweet, sweet love, it’s one of those Hindrances that’s just hard to forget about and easy to roleplay.

On a related note, over at The Island of Misfit Stories, my buddy Rob and I each wrote about the theme of “addiction” in one of our recent stabs at short fiction. Technically, my story is probably a bit more D&D than Savage World-ish, but I like to think I stuck to the theme pretty well. You be the judge:

“I said keep away from me, you chanting idiot!” Daggerin shouted at Lore, raising his axe as a warning while turning his back to Gygax. “Who has a potion of healing? Give me it now.”

“This is highly irregular,” Gygax said, shaking his bearded head.

“You all know damn well why he’s acting this way,” Steve said while checking through the rest of the Goblin’s bodies to see if there were any more coins hidden away. “Let’s just get this out in the open, already.”


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