A Who’s Who of Our Savage World of Darkness

I’m heading into the second session of a Savage Worlds campaign inspired by the World of Darkness Vampires. The first session was a lot of fun, but I’m already starting to feel a bit like I’ve created a monster: with so many Wild Cards and Mooks introduced already, we’re dealing with an intimidatingly large cast of characters — and I’m the GM! For the benefit of the Players, here’s a pictorial roundup of our rapidly-growing cast — at least most of the undead folks.

ARIANA (Player Wild Card). A shape-changing vampire who channels the Beast.

CALIBAN (Player Wild Card). A stealthy Nosferatu who stalks his prey from the shadows.


JARVIS (NPC Wild Card). Once a promising and handsome artist, now he is a Ghoul servant to LUCILLE.

#06 Jude Law (ENG)

LOLITA HARDCORE (NPC Wild Card). Vampire Prince(ess) of Vancouver. A punk queen who’s a lot older than she looks.


LUCILLE (NPC Wild Card). A powerful vampire who’s either a master manipulator, a staunch ally, or both.

Red hair woman

MYCROFT (Player Wild Card). An occultist scholar with plenty of dark secrets of his own.

Aleister Crowley painted portrait _DDC7636

RICK (Player Wild Card). A brutal, greedy henchman of the Vampire gangster who owns the docks.

Bikers VII

SILAS (Player Wild Card). Leader of the pack. He messes with people’s minds.



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