Running a New Savage Worlds Game in Vancouver

After a fairly long hiatus in which I’ve been playing a WoD/CoC mashup, I’m finally back to running my own Savage Worlds campaign, starting next weekend. Since I got a shared office in downtown Vancouver, I’ve also got an excellent base from which to run games (My cramped living room was never ideal).

The new Savage Worlds adventure is a sci-fi adventure game, sort of a mashup of hard SF and other influences like Gamma World, Fallout and Cormac McCarthy’s story, The Road — details at the Vancouver Roleplayers’ Collective Meetup group. If you’re in my hood, feel free to check it out. I’m pretty stoked.

Though I’m less than stoked that all of the Pinterest images I threw onto this blog are now toast. Seriously… I’m going back to Flickr.


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