Running a New Savage Worlds Game in Vancouver

After a fairly long hiatus in which I’ve been playing a WoD/CoC mashup, I’m finally back to running my own Savage Worlds campaign, starting next weekend. Since I got a shared office in downtown Vancouver, I’ve also got an excellent base from which to run games (My cramped living room was never ideal).

The new Savage Worlds adventure is a sci-fi adventure game, sort of a mashup of hard SF and other influences like Gamma World, Fallout and Cormac McCarthy’s story, The Road — details at the Vancouver Roleplayers’ Collective Meetup group. If you’re in my hood, feel free to check it out. I’m pretty stoked.

Though I’m less than stoked that all of the Pinterest images I threw onto this blog are now toast. Seriously… I’m going back to Flickr.


Gaming and Writing Fiction

Gaming wasn’t always good inspiration for fiction. I definitely got that impression on reading the original Dragonlance novels inspired by D&D back in the day — or I should say, trying to read them. Loved the game, hated the stories.

I think part of it was disappointment that the novels didn’t really reflect a typical gaming session. That instinct was soon followed by an equally strong hunch that basing fiction off a typical gaming session would be awful — sort of like the James Bond flicks that I hated before Daniel Craig took over, full of explosions and short on plot, character and the most important elements of actual stories.

Since I started gaming in plot-point defined Savage Worlds campaigns involving deeply flawed characters, roleplayed by people who seem to want to convey micro-stories themselves, I’m finding that the games are actually inspring good stories worth writing; not fanfic and not game summaries, but actual, original fiction that takes bits and pieces from game days. This makes me happy.

If you’ve checked out some of the older posts on this site, you can read some of my earlier game-inspired fiction. I’m also writing stuff over at The Island of Misfit Stories