Game Idea. The Sinister Six Take on the Most Dangerous Game of All

Since we’re already starting off 2013 on an eeeeevil vibe with a Vampires WoD-style Savage Worlds adventure, I figure we’ll follow it up next with a supervillain-centric campaign, along the lines of the Sinister Six (classic Marvel villains Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Sandman, Electro, Kraven the Hunter and the Vulture) hunting (and in turn, being hunted by) Spider-Man.

Why go with classic Marvel superhumans rather than generic supers? Using established, iconic villains (and an even more established, famous superhero adversary) means everyone’s already on roughly the same page with the kind of world we’re using, even if none of the Players (or myself) have actually read a comic book in about 20 years. Set up for character powers and motivations is easy. Pick some appropriate Power Trappings, Hindrances and Edges and we’re off to the races. 

As a GM, how am I going to run this Sinister Six campaign in terms of plot? In the comic books I read as a kid, I remember the Sinister 6 attacked Spidey one at a time to wear him down… which didn’t work very well for them. It also would be quite lame for an RPG; I don’t want to split the party five times, each time ending in defeat.

No, no. That will never do… but it does inspire one possible plot point line:

The Sinister Six got up to their old tricks and the first villains to draw the short straws have already gone down to defeat at the hands of the infinitely resourceful Spider-Man (and quite possibly, his Amazing Friends).

My gaming group only has 3-4 Players anyway — 6 is too many, so they get to be whichever villains they want to be and the others are smoked right at the start.

Our heroes, er, villains, suddenly realize: attacking Spider-Man one at a time is stupid. So the adventure starts with a conversation that’s probably something like this:

“Doctor Octopus and Sandman are already punch-drunk, stuck to a brick wall and waiting for the NYC cops to show up,” says Electro, who is nervously chewing on his fingernails, throwing off sparks everywhere. “How shocking.”

“I thought Octopus’ plan was a good one,” says Mysterio. “Apparently, that was an illusion.”

“That’s it!” shouts Kraven the Hunter. “My savage heart cries out for action. Let’s set up an ambush for Spider-Man at the Zoo.”

“There’s a Zoo in Manhattan?” the Vulture interjects.

“It’s in Central Park, you senile, doddering fool!” Kraven replies.

“That place?” the Vulture interjects again. “It’s not much of a Zoo. It’s not very big.”

“Where is your animal spirit?” Kraven shouts. “Fine. New plan. We find out Spider-Man’s secret identity, kidnap someone he cares about and force him to take off his mask before we all mop the floor with him.”

“That sounds like a lot of work!” the Vulture argued back. “I’m a thief! If I wanted to work that hard, I’d hang up these wings and get a straight job!”

“In Obama’s America?” Electro asked. “Good luck with that, old timer. But seriously, I think Kraven’s on to something here. It’s not a bad plan…”

Kraven thinks it’s going to be a tough day ahead if they’re going to snare the most dangerous game: radioactive-spider bitten man.

And while they’re planning, the most popular superhero in the world is out there looking for them, so they better hurry it up…

And that’s how the adventure begins. Do the most dastardly villains in Manhattan have what it takes to finally beat Spidey (probably not, but they’ll give it their best college try).

This post was written for the second annual New Year, New Game blog carnival hosted by Gnome Stew as part of the 2013 New Year, New Game challenge.


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