The NeverEnding Stories of Savage Worlds

1954 ... wave hello!Our group has played many different kinds of campaigns in Savage Worlds, from fantasy and survival-horror to pirates and science fiction. But today we tried something we’d never done before: using old characters to go back into a campaign world we had finished a year ago.

The last time we used the fantasy Wild Cards Oranic the Wizard and Klothar the Barbarian, the pair of adventurers were in dire straits. Well, worse than dire — we scrambled their molecules in a magical equivalent of a small-scale nuclear blast (explained in the blog post, He Murdered Me). I always felt a little guilt about GM-ing the Total Party Kill, so bringing back these characters for a new adventure was a nice opportunity to undo some bad karma.

I like the idea of bringing back old characters for sequels (or prequels — in this case, it was a little of both, tying into another GM’s fantasy campaign we’d run with different characters). It gives you a reason to hold on to those old character sheets, in case the GM finds inspiration months or even years later. Even if you never do use those characters again, it’s nice to think that their stories might continue someday. If you play long enough, there will come a time when you’ll want to revisit the game world that seemed so fresh and new, exploring roads less traveled.

Here are my notes for a Plot Point fantasy campaign for Savage Worlds bringing back our old heroes as slaves of that classic D&D monster, the Sahuagin (or if you prefer Call of Cthulhu, call ’em the Deep Ones):

Sea Devils. Savage Worlds Plot Point Campaign

1. ARENA. Our heroes were teleported to the underwater Sahuagin city Tlaxaca by the magical blast that destroyed the Tarasque. After entering the “Slave Gate” the Sahuagin’s sorcerers use to get new slaves for their arena or other purposes, the heroes have spent a year fighting in Superbowl gladiator-type contests (The area is magically enhanced to give landborne creatures the ability to breathe and swim around with relative ease). 5,000 spectators watch. The Sahuagin’s King Webja wants the PC’s dead, since their continued presence is causing unease among his people.

He has set up an uneven match between a captured Lizard Man plus two humans and a third party of 4-armed Sahuagin riding sharks. What the king doesn’t know is that the Lizard Men include the powerful wizard (pre-Lich) LIZARIA, who has come to this place to steal King Webja’s magic. He WANTS to be there.

LIZARIA may telepathically contact the players to get them to distract the Sahuagin gladiators (or kill them) while he brings down the house.

2. KRAKEN! LIZARIA has summoned a Kraken to take down the arena. The magical “glass” roof that retains the water-breathing magic is breaking up. LIZARIA and his men are going after KING WEBJA. The Players realize they must flee the arena during the chaos (Some Sahuagin are attacking the KRAKEN but most are fleeing in terror). They must find out where the “Slave Gate” is and operate it to get out!

3. LOCKER ROOM. Players encounter slaves and slave masters in a melee combat. It’s about an even fight, but reinforcements could arrive at any time. The Players must somehow get through the area. At this time, they will begin to notice black slime growing through the water behind them, moving like in a lava lamp. They must somehow discover or stumble upon the SECRET TUNNEL.

4. SECRET TUNNEL to the SLAVE GATE. After closing the door behind them to keep the black slime away, they get into this phosphorescent tunnel. This tunnel was abandoned by the Sahuagin because an ABOLETH has taken up residence. Players must overcome this giant, tentacled, illusion-causing monstrosity. It casts illusions of something to make the characters want to come forth (Treasure? Wailing babies? Hot women?) before they are grabbed by the tentacles.

5. SLAVE GATE room. The Wizard (or smartest alternative) must figure out how to use the SLAVE GATE in reverse to get back home while the black goop threatens to envelope them all. A Sahuagin sorcerer is using a wall spell to keep the slime back. A successful Arcane or Knowledge roll gets our Heroes back to Oerth — in feudal Japan — otherwise, with many Raises, they appear at the site of their battle with the TARRASQUE.


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