Game Idea. The Sinister Six Take on the Most Dangerous Game of All

Since we’re already starting off 2013 on an eeeeevil vibe with a Vampires WoD-style Savage Worlds adventure, I figure we’ll follow it up next with a supervillain-centric campaign, along the lines of the Sinister Six (classic Marvel villains Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Sandman, Electro, Kraven the Hunter and the Vulture) hunting (and in turn, being hunted by) Spider-Man.

Why go with classic Marvel superhumans rather than generic supers? Using established, iconic villains (and an even more established, famous superhero adversary) means everyone’s already on roughly the same page with the kind of world we’re using, even if none of the Players (or myself) have actually read a comic book in about 20 years. Set up for character powers and motivations is easy. Pick some appropriate Power Trappings, Hindrances and Edges and we’re off to the races. 
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The Elf Mage Warrior Speaks

Yeah, I was just hanging out at home prancing around with a sword while simultaneously reading from this magical tome and looking mind-blowingly cool while doing it. Normal Thursday night.

As for you, well… you think I couldn’t hear what you were doing in the next room? With these ears?

You’re a terrible roommate. You sicken me. Leave now.

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Something Just Seems Out Of Proportion

I like the overall concept for this fantasy warrior, yet I have the nagging feeling that part of it is just drawn to an unrealistic scale. Probably, it’s her giant sword.

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The NeverEnding Stories of Savage Worlds

1954 ... wave hello!Our group has played many different kinds of campaigns in Savage Worlds, from fantasy and survival-horror to pirates and science fiction. But today we tried something we’d never done before: using old characters to go back into a campaign world we had finished a year ago.

The last time we used the fantasy Wild Cards Oranic the Wizard and Klothar the Barbarian, the pair of adventurers were in dire straits. Well, worse than dire — we scrambled their molecules in a magical equivalent of a small-scale nuclear blast (explained in the blog post, He Murdered Me). I always felt a little guilt about GM-ing the Total Party Kill, so bringing back these characters for a new adventure was a nice opportunity to undo some bad karma. Read the rest of this entry »