Looking Forward to a Savage 2013

tiger eye game science rpg diceWe started the Savage Games blog back in April to document our Savage Worlds RPG play-throughs, publish a bit of gaming-inspired fiction and just throw ideas around about how to keep improving the experience for Players and GM’s alike. After an extended holiday break and some time for our gaming group members to get through some personal transitions (moving house, starting school again, recovering from nearly being killed by a goddamned tree), I expect we’ll be back in full force with some fresh updates.

To make this blog a bit more useful to readers, we’re also thinking of publishing more Plot Point Campaign summaries, character stats, maps — basically, offering a bit more value for our fellow gamers. No promises on any kind of regularity for that, but we’ll do what we can.

While all articles on this site thus far have been written by members of our Vancouver-based gaming group, we’d be happy to publish guest articles by fellow Savage Worlds players and GMs. Contact us, you Savage, you.

While we’re looking forward to a Savage 2013, we thought it would be nice to also take a look back at some of our favorite articles of 2012. Here goes:

Until next time, stay Savage, people!


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