My New Favorite RPG Blog. Gnome Stew

By GMs for GMs. Pretty much every article is interesting to me as a Savage Worlds GM. Here’s an example:

  • A Tale of Two Types. Plot Point “Goal” games are contrasted with D&D-style “Encounter” games. If you’ve been reading Savage Games for a while, you know which one I favor.

Keep up the good work, Gnomes.

Source: via Anders on Pinterest


2 Comments on “My New Favorite RPG Blog. Gnome Stew”

  1. jeff says:

    which do you like?

    • jnarvey says:

      “Goal” games. Encounter games are boring to me. I’m looking for games that tell stories. But Encounter games are disjointed, often random — there’s a dreamlike quality there of jumping from one unlikely situation into another, often without a thread that Players can hang on to.

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