Planet Zod. Part 5. Return to S.T.A.R. Labs

BatmobileIn the last fictionalized episode of the Savage Worlds RPG homebrew campaign, Planet Zod, murder suspect Lex Luthor persuaded Detectives Stone and Bottom to work with him. But even working together, what could they hope to achieve against the power of General Zod? They had to find a way.

As the police car pulled up to the side street next to S.T.A.R. Labs just before 3 am, Detective Irving Stone turned to Detective John Bottom (trying to ignore a disguised, bearded Luthor in the backseat) and looked him straight in the eyes. At that, Bottom turned his own gaze to the dashboard. His sweaty anti-social partner had never managed to conquer his own discomfort with eye contact. Still, Stone felt he had to do this. Read the rest of this entry »


Planet Zod. Part 4. Warehouse 13

WarehouseIn the last episode of our fictionalized playthrough from our latest Savage Worlds RPG homebrew campaign, Planet Zod, Detectives Stone and Bottom had made an astounding discovery in Smallville while investigating a murder. Now they’re closing in on the killer — but he in a world where General Zod runs the show, what does it mean to be a criminal?

It was a gloomy, overcast day, so when Detectives Irving Stone and John Bottom made it to the waterfront industrial zone, the long shadows from the warehouses made it seem like night. There wasn’t much activity around Warehouse 13, the second-last building from the far end of the dock. Dockworkers were on strike since the Church of Zod lunatics had rampaged through the area looking to steal whatever they could get. The thugs got chased off by the burly no-nonsense longshoremen long before any cops had shown up, but the union was still telling its people to stay on the picket line until order could be restored. Good luck with that, Stone thought. Read the rest of this entry »

Planet Zod. Part 3. Secrets in Smallville

neat old farm houseIn Part 3 of our  fictionalized playthrough from our latest Savage Worlds RPG homebrew campaign, Planet Zod, Detectives Stone and Bottom are about to move from the preliminary stage of their homicide investigation at Lex Luthor’s apartment and try to understand their killer’s true motivations.

They would check out Smallville in in the morning. But in the meantime, Stone was obsessed with learning more about Luthor. His connection over at the FBI hadn’t been able to provide much help — and she seemed to be swamped with another case, something about a gang war between Church of Zod idiots and hardcore terrorists in Gotham.

Stone was left to his own devices, at his computer until late at night. He was no coder, but he was enough of a geek to be dangerous. In very little time, he’d managed to locate Luthor’s pseudonymous blog and gained insight into the man’s deeply warped mind. Read the rest of this entry »

Planet Zod. Part 2. Two Cops Saving the World

Brooklyn Apartment, Sunshine PanoramicContinuing our fictionalized playthrough from our latest Savage Worlds RPG homebrew campaign, Planet Zod. Our heroes have gone from the crime scene at S.T.A.R. Labs and are following their biggest lead in this homicide investigation in Metropolis.

Detectives Irving Stone and John Bottom pulled up to a six-story building in the Brookmeyer neighborhood. Not a bad area, though it had seen better days.

On the way over, they’d pinged the Precinct to get Luthor’s record. The man was clean as a whistle, apart from a speeding ticket from about a year back. But he did register for a handgun just two months ago — presumably, the weapon that had killed that poor security guard at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Detective Stone was sweating in the dingy cramped corridor leading up to Luthor’s apartment; he had a mild case of claustrophobia stemming from a bad incident early on in his policing career, involving coffins and a smuggling operation. He tried to cover it up, but it probably didn’t matter. His partner, Bottom, was borderline autistic most of the time. Then again, Bottom tended to pick up on details others missed, just when you were about to curse him out of your sight. Read the rest of this entry »

Planet Zod. Part 1. The Savage World of Ordinary Heroes

Crime SceneHere we present a fictionalization of the playthrough from our latest Savage Worlds RPG homebrew campaign, Planet Zod. This roleplaying universe is a lot like our own, or at least it was until six months ago. That’s when General Zod showed up and conquered Earth. He mostly just sits on his throne in the Washington Capitol and grumbles, but every couple of months, he’ll do something awful — burn a town to the ground, order the residents of one neighborhood to murder the residents of another neighborhood, demolish the Golden Gate Bridge while people are driving over it — and every time, it gets worse. Will our psychopathic overlord eventually move on and harass some other planet, or is Earth doomed?

For now, downtown Metropolis detectives Irving Stone and John Bottom are too busy dealing with a local crime wave to worry too much about the human race’s main problem. Church of Zod thugs are throwing their weight around. A lot of ordinary citizens have turned over to the dark side. Front-line cops like them are still the thin blue line between order and chaos.

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