Prisoners! Welcome to Lost Haven

Lost Haven

Welcome to Lost Haven Prison. May your days be filled with hard work and obedient service.

The skiff rocked quietly in the water. It was dark. The signal flare had yet to burst in the sky and the guards were on edge. It wasn’t like the flare to be late. But not one soul chose to speak up. One guard kept his attention towards the town. The other guards stared the prisoners down, keeping order. After several minutes, the leader of the guards muttered quietly.

“Where is that damn flare. We should have seen it by now. They know we are here.” He said.

“Maybe they ain’t seen the ship. We could flare it out.” One of other guards said.

“Quiet, you. They’ve seen the ship, blast you. They must be running drills or having their way with a few more of those whores from the celebration.” His eyes never left the shoreline.

The celebration was well known throughout The Old World. It had been so for over 1,500 years. The world was different back then. It was before The Edge of It All had changed.


2 Comments on “Prisoners! Welcome to Lost Haven”

  1. jnarvey says:

    Shane, I’ve got to say: that session was epic.

    It was almost like you had times the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack to your descriptions of the chaos at the prison island. I never could have pulled off that performance. My pirate hat’s off to you, sir. (Hat’s off to all the other players, as well. You all performed admirably in the face of danger from every direction.)

    I hope to see a writeup from you on the session. That was action-packed.

  2. alilupu says:

    Shane! That was a blast! <<understatement.
    You really brought the theatrics into game mastering and it was great. Can't really imagine a more dynamic and fun game night!

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