The Grimm Finale


Photo Credit: Steve and Shanon Lawson

In contrast to Ali’s illustrative setup for the ending of our Grimm adventure, I’m going to keep this short and sweet:

  1. Grimm and the rest of the adventurers meet Lich and Zombies. Combat is joined.
  2. Lich summons more Zombies to delay the inevitable.
  3. Grimm blasts Lich to smithereens with an extra-damage Bolt.

And that’s pretty much all she wrote. Our brave adventurers prevented Lizaria from staining the rest of the continent with his black slimy version of evil… this time, anyway. Our GM noted that we had only destroyed his physical form. He might yet return. But that adventure will come another day.

Some thoughts on the wrap-up.

One first-time Player noted that the game seemed to basically boil down to “Fight something, talk to something, fight something again.” He seemed underwhelmed.

I had some sympathy for him, but I think that’s an unfair characterization of this particular adventure — though yes, RPGs can boil down to that. I think players need to take control of their roleplaying experience. If they don’t feel that “into” the game, it’s up to them to build up a backstory for their character, try to actually roleplay in keeping with their Hindrances and Edges, do that consistently and generally do stuff to make other Players and even the GM get into the game as well.

I think one of the ways to bring a bit more roleplaying into these games is to have more Interludes, like we tried in Zombie Run. My vote is for GMs to include more of these in every game, to help Players provide a bit more flavor for their characters without necessarily requiring them to publish a backstory (We’re not all hyper-nerdy compulsive writing narcissists like myself). Bored by mechanics? Want more roleplaying? Do more roleplaying. This should help make our games a bit more original and a bit less repetitive.


2 Comments on “The Grimm Finale”

  1. alilupu says:

    Here Here! I totally agree.

    I’d like to add that despite the inconsistent player turn outs, that this was a great first GM experience. Being green to role playing in general, I think it has enriched my understanding of RPG’s in general and experiencing it from the other side of the fence gave the opportunity to engage with something that few things offer: real creativity in interactive narrative production.

    One of the problems I personally had was trying to strike a balance between exposition and giving player freedom. The old debate between determinism and free will raises once again. Either way, I think it’s important to provide enough of a base so players feel immersed with the world enough to engage with.

    Character creation could be seen as one of the most important parts of the role playing experience as it sediments a bound between the player and avatar. Having said that, it doesn’t surprise me that a couple of the people that were only there for the game ending session felt a bit like a fish out of water.

    But again, all in all a great learning experience.

    • jnarvey says:

      Hey bud. Glad you enjoyed GM-ing. I definitely enjoyed playing this one.

      I’m sort of on the fence about letting people join an adventure on the fifth (and final) session. Sometimes it works (like when we brought you into the last two sessions of our long-running Zombie Run campaign).

      But sometimes it feels a bit incongruous, with Players acting in ways that don’t really mesh with what happened before. It may just be easier to have a veteran player just roleplay two characters, though that isn’t ideal, either.

      In the end, it depends on the ability of the Player to hit the ground running and play their heart out without too much prompting.

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