Best Savage Worlds Zombie RPG Module?

Just finished watching the first episode of The Walking Dead season 3 and I’m back in survival horror mode. The gang played Zombie Run a while back and enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking to run another at some point.

Which are your favorite Zombie-themed scenarios to run using the Savage Worlds system?

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3 Comments on “Best Savage Worlds Zombie RPG Module?”

  1. Just my opinion, based on having far too much fun playing Undead Nightmare on red Dead Redemption, but I’d rock some Zombie survival in Deadlands. You don’t even need to use the whole setting, just play in your standard western town, and bring on the shamblers.

    • jnarvey says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! It’s kind of funny that we’ve been playing Savage Worlds for probably 8 months or so and have yet to undertake an actual Deadlands campaign. Good idea.

      • It amazes me how little communication there is in the Savage Worlds community. I subscribe to multiple blogs, podcasts, and forums. And this exact question comes up frequently. Here’s the answer Daring Entertainment: War of the Dead. It’s available at DriveThru RPG and has a huge number of free fan-created downloads for paper minis, etc.

        It was published as a magazine subscription, so the module is broken down into weeks of the outbreak. You actually start as characters on a cruise ship. But the real zombie goodness of this publication is the setting rules. Check it out!

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