The End…

Our heroes stood at the edge of Lezaria’s grave site.  The plot looked recently exhumed.   Dirt piles formed a perimeter around what was now a pool of black murk.  Nori was no longer holding the butchered basilisk beak.  It took them as close to Lezaria as it could.  She turned to Rujash as Grimm walked away.  The name ‘Lezaria’ now formed a more frightful understanding in the minds of our heroes.

Everything they encountered so far lead to one conclusion. . . .The evil that was killing the Retan forest; the concentrated vile that was permeating through the pores of the earth had lead to this place: the legendary Hero’s Tomb.  The tomb was now empty and only an unholy silence filled the air.  The heart of the Lyche was beating once again, and in Lezaria it found a host.

Rob’n, adorning the Gauntlet of the Hero felt more sure sighted then ever.  He stood up and walked towards Grimm.  The rest of the party followed.

“Ssssss-eems that the end drawss near. . .”  Grimm’s third eyelid glazed over as he stared at a freshly carved path that lead north north-west.

It was an otherwise beautiful Autumn day.  The sky was an uninterrupted hue of blue as a lone smoke billow could be seen climbing up.


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