Into The West, North, East, or South — The Choice Is Yours

You are now adrift on the open ocean… where do you go now?

Arrrrrr, me mateys. This be yer Captain speakin’.

I be here t’ speak th’ tales o’ yer adventurin’ bones t’ th’ world. My wee birdies be makin’ sure I be aware o’ yer movements an’, so far, I be proud o’ ye. I be seein’ ye be havin’ already been introduced t’ th’ Th’ Black Skull, a sla’er ou’ o’ Port Vlore in West Africa. Barbarians an’ thieves — all o’ them! ‘Tis a miracle ye made ‘t t’ th’ South reaches o’ th’ Old Atlantic. I would bet some o’ ye be lucky t’ nay ben used fer devious means an’ tossed o’er th’ side. Th’ Six Winds best be smilin’ upon ye in th’ comin’ days. Read the rest of this entry »


Prisoners! Welcome to Lost Haven

Lost Haven

Welcome to Lost Haven Prison. May your days be filled with hard work and obedient service.

The skiff rocked quietly in the water. It was dark. The signal flare had yet to burst in the sky and the guards were on edge. It wasn’t like the flare to be late. But not one soul chose to speak up. One guard kept his attention towards the town. The other guards stared the prisoners down, keeping order. After several minutes, the leader of the guards muttered quietly.

“Where is that damn flare. We should have seen it by now. They know we are here.” He said.

“Maybe they ain’t seen the ship. We could flare it out.” One of other guards said.

“Quiet, you. They’ve seen the ship, blast you. They must be running drills or having their way with a few more of those whores from the celebration.” His eyes never left the shoreline.

The celebration was well known throughout The Old World. It had been so for over 1,500 years. The world was different back then. It was before The Edge of It All had changed.

Planet Zod. A New Savage Worlds Scenario

The idea for this home-brewed “Planet Zod” RPG scenario is inspired by the Superman comics/movie/mythos/etc and DC comics more generally, but could work with only slight adaptation for a more generic Savage Worlds Superhero campaign… well, except that there aren’t any superheroes in it. Let me explain. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Savage Worlds Zombie RPG Module?

Just finished watching the first episode of The Walking Dead season 3 and I’m back in survival horror mode. The gang played Zombie Run a while back and enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking to run another at some point.

Which are your favorite Zombie-themed scenarios to run using the Savage Worlds system?

Source: via TVplus on Pinterest

The Grimm Finale


Photo Credit: Steve and Shanon Lawson

In contrast to Ali’s illustrative setup for the ending of our Grimm adventure, I’m going to keep this short and sweet:

  1. Grimm and the rest of the adventurers meet Lich and Zombies. Combat is joined.
  2. Lich summons more Zombies to delay the inevitable.
  3. Grimm blasts Lich to smithereens with an extra-damage Bolt.

And that’s pretty much all she wrote. Our brave adventurers prevented Lizaria from staining the rest of the continent with his black slimy version of evil… this time, anyway. Our GM noted that we had only destroyed his physical form. He might yet return. But that adventure will come another day.

Some thoughts on the wrap-up. Read the rest of this entry »