Grimm Tales 3. Stone Cold Adventure

Here be dragons

Photo Credit: Will Clayton

Last night, our hardy band of warriors (plus a Lizard Wizard) continued on their journey into the Savage World of a dark underground cavern, presumably the territory of a Basilisk (See the beginning of the dungeon crawl and the second installment wherein the heroes found the Basilisk’s lair in the middle of a black murky swamp).

Some quick highlights:

  • We found some more stone bats in the next part of the underground network. These bats weren’t mean like the first bunch we encountered. We surmised that the other bunch of bats had been affected by the black slime that turned Sym the stone Lizard Warrior bodyguard evil. These bats just kind of hung around, so we did not murder them.
  • In the next cavern, there was a big pool of the black gunk. A bunch of bird-faced creatures rose out of the slime, their ooze-covered faces searching for us. They didn’t seem friendly and based on our previous encounters, we assumed they were hostile.
    Grimm the Lizard Wizard cast Wall Walker on the adventuring party. We ran up to the ceiling just as the giant Basilisk made its appearance, running in after us to protect what we now realized were its Basilisk kids.
  • We couldn’t attack the Basilisk directly, since if we looked at it, we’d be turned to stone. That would not help us accomplish our mission.
    Grimm summoned Sym back into the room. Rujaj the barbarian dropped from the ceiling. Sym frog-marched the blind Rujaj towards the enemy. Our one man wrecking crew did what he does best, literally beheading the beast with his eyes closed. Nori the Fox Lady was unaffected by the Basilisk’s stare for some some reason, so she joined the fray while the rest of the characters hung back.
  • After mopping up the Basilisk kids, we broke off the parent beast’s beak. This might seem like a weird thing to do, but we’d been told previously that the beak would somehow lead us to Lizaria, the evil bastard who was really behind the badness that had descended upon the land. Presto-magic, it’s like we suddenly had access to Google Maps. Grimm parted some boulders with his Jedi Telekinesis spell and we were on our way.
  • The heroes camped out by a lake for the night. Grimm got his Power Points back. Hell yeah. Some Forest Nymphs dropped by and congratulated us on our accomplishing the mission. We did not harass them, though some of our party wanted to.
  • Led by the Basilisk beak, the heroes found an old crypt in a graveyard. There was more of this black slime everywhere. Not good.
  • Grimm checked out one of the more prominent gravestones in the place and tried to read the ancient language. He rolled a 3 and got the following result: “thisisth eresti ngplaceofl izariagre atesthe ro ofthen orth”. Gibberish. What the hell?
  • Rujaj the barbarian took a look a the same gravestone and uncharacteristically had some exploding dice on his Smarts roll: “This is the resting place of Lizaria, Greatest Hero of the North. Easy. Stupid Lizard Wizard. Git some more o’ yer school lernin.” Huh.
  • Now our heroes started putting two and two together, based on some clues around this place. Great heroes of the land had died and laid to rest here. Now the black slime seemed to have brought them back — as evil dudes. We had an impression of Lizaria as an Undead badass, most likely a Lich. Great. Just great.

Looks like the next session’s going to wrap up this adventure with an Undead beat-down. Loading shotguns…


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