Things Are Getting Grimmer

Lizard EyeWith our first couple of sessions of a Savage Worlds forest dungeon crawl adventure under our belts, Grimm the Lizard Wizard and his fighting friends began the latest game night on the edge of an eeeeeevil black marsh in search of a Basilisk.

The game session had a different dynamic this time, since two of our players were out (one for work, another for a cat-related emergency) and a third was at a theatrical performance for the first half. This actually helped things move along a bit quicker, with Shane and I handling multiple roles. We made some quick Charisma-boosting upgrades with experience points to turn our archer, “Brave Sir Robin“, into a leader, because we seemed to be having some issues actually talking with NPCs in productive ways. Then we started out into the wilderness.

Some highlights:

  • We encountered some hot forest nymphs who seemed pretty bummed out that their forest was turning into a mucky black dead zone. They told us that the Basilisk we were searching for was somewhere out there in the murky terrain beyond the forest edge. For a change of pace, our party did not instantly put these pretty wooden ladies to the sword, and instead gave them a chivalrous salute and carried on.
  • After walking for hours and hours (game time: 10 seconds) through the black swamp, one of our characters noticed a cave with two dead tree stumps beside it.
    ROBIN THE ARCHER. “You thinking what I’m thinking?”
    NORI THE FOX WOMAN. “That cave would make a really sweet lair for a Basilisk?”
    ROBIN THE ARCHER. “Bingo.”
    The ground around the cave was alive with boiling tar bubbles, so Grimm levitated some logs up to the cave entrance to form a bridge. The party went into the cave…
  • Deep inside the cave, we found ourselves in… a cavern! Our lanterns illuminated a weird black slime that moved about this place in an animated (if not sentient) manner. That was odd. But before we could investigate, we disturbed the slumber of 11 giant stone bats.
  • Had the bats politely asked us to move along, I’m sure we would have complied. Instead, they rudely attacked. Combat was joined!
    Grimm cast a Telekinesis spell to slam two of the bats into each other, Jedi-style. A couple of the bats attacked him (and the other characters too, but who cares about them?) but these bats had really terrible radar so they couldn’t quite land a hit on the spry old Saurian. Next, Grimm zapped 5 bats with a Confusion spell (Turns out I’m not allowed to have the Barrier Power yet, since Grimm isn’t Seasoned. Our GM allowed me to switch powers mid-game, which was swell).
    By this time, the rest of the party had already dispatched a couple more bats, so it was a relatively simple matter to finish off the last ones that were busy watching a magical projection of Lizard Warriors doing the ancient Lizard Warrior Dance of Distraction.
  • Success! The party had defeated the stone(d) bats. But our archer, Brave Sir Robin, had his arm torn up pretty bad (-2 Wounds). No more shooting arrows for this guy if we couldn’t fix him up right away.
    At this point, we began taking stock of our party’s strengths. Let’s see: Human Fighter, Fox Woman Fighter, Human Ranger, Lizard Wizard… F*cking hell! We have no Cleric! Nobody in our party even took a Healing Skill, much less a Healing Power. It’s a good thing our archer still has an arm to stab stuff, or all he’d be good for is half-eaten cannon fodder.
  • We’re left in the cavern with a bunch of bat carcasses and that weird black slime. Fox Woman sends her Battle Pug to sniff around the slime, but the dog gets scared and runs back with its tail between its legs. That’s not a good sign.
    Grimm summons Sym (pronounced “Sam”, but I wanted a cool spelling), his black stone Lizard Warrior Bodyguard from the dimension of Lizard Warrior Bodyguards. He orders Sym to walk into the slime.
    Instantly, Sym becomes eeeeeevil! Grimm has lost control of his Bodyguard and can’t even banish him back to his freaky otherworldly plane of existence! Adding insult to injury, Sym’s stone hide allows him to ignores multiple attacks (including an Extra Damage Bolt from Grimm). Like an out-of-control Frankenstein Monster, Sym knocks his summoner on his dried-out Lizard butt.
    Before Sym can deliver the finishing blow on Grimm, Foxy Lady with a short sword delivers her blade at juuuuuust the right spot to shatter the tough stone bastard and send him back to his dimension.
    Grimm picks himself up and dusts himself off. “I think we should ssssstay away from the ssssslime from now on,” he says.
    “Gee, Lizard Wizard, thanks for pointing out the obvious” says the Jingoistic Fox Woman who loves sticking it to the Saurian at any opportunity.
    Grimm sucks it up and readies himself for the confrontation they know is coming with the Basilisk…

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