Grimm Tales 3. Stone Cold Adventure

Here be dragons

Photo Credit: Will Clayton

Last night, our hardy band of warriors (plus a Lizard Wizard) continued on their journey into the Savage World of a dark underground cavern, presumably the territory of a Basilisk (See the beginning of the dungeon crawl and the second installment wherein the heroes found the Basilisk’s lair in the middle of a black murky swamp). Read the rest of this entry »


When We Don’t Die We Lose D.I.C.K.


Photo Credit: Sebastian Dooris

Jonathon’s post about his brother murdering D&D characters got me thinking. How often does a character die in the line of creative-adventuring duty? I have only seen it once or twice in my twenty-plus years of dungeon delving and now I am thinking I have been cheated somehow. Why do we not see the bloody entrails of beloved characters littering dungeon floors or splattered across mystical forest leaves during every other adventure? These characters are being put into situations where death is a very plausible reality and certainly they should die quite often. Dragons, undead-bears, and flocks of slime-covered spiders should finish off a character a day, shouldn’t they? Are the creatures from the dark places of the world pathetic or just weaklings? Or did they not get the “kill ’em” memo from their dark lord?

I have played D&D for a very long time and I recall only one event where a character actually died. It was a fair death and the player wasn’t upset about it. He re-rolled a new character and met up with the party a bit later in the adventure and that was it. So, I started to ponder why are there not more character re-rolls? Read the rest of this entry »

They Call Her Two-Knife Tanya

A perfect addition to any post-apocalyptic RPG campaign. Feel free to leave her backstory or stats in the comments.

Source: Uploaded by user via Haydee on Pinterest

He Murdered Me


Photo Credit: Simon Kelk

While pondering over a recent blog post that talked about killing characters in RPGs, I had a flashback to my childhood. My brother Michael and his friends were playing D&D in the basement (I was too young and annoying to join in). About an hour into the game, one of the kids comes up the stairs absolutely bawling.

As he’s getting on his jacket to leave, my shocked father asks him what’s wrong. “Michael murdered me,” he said. Read the rest of this entry »

Things Are Getting Grimmer

Lizard EyeWith our first couple of sessions of a Savage Worlds forest dungeon crawl adventure under our belts, Grimm the Lizard Wizard and his fighting friends began the latest game night on the edge of an eeeeeevil black marsh in search of a Basilisk.

The game session had a different dynamic this time, since two of our players were out (one for work, another for a cat-related emergency) and a third was at a theatrical performance for the first half. This actually helped things move along a bit quicker, with Shane and I handling multiple roles. We made some quick Charisma-boosting upgrades with experience points to turn our archer, “Brave Sir Robin“, into a leader, because we seemed to be having some issues actually talking with NPCs in productive ways. Then we started out into the wilderness. Read the rest of this entry »