Savage Roundup. A Gold ENnie, Firefly, Cthulhu and Red Sonja

Playing a Savage Worlds RPG alone is impossible. You need a good group to make it work. Likewise, a community of gamers online is an essential resource of ideas and inspiration for any GM. Here’s our first roundup:

Stay savage, Playas.


2 Comments on “Savage Roundup. A Gold ENnie, Firefly, Cthulhu and Red Sonja”

  1. Dan Whorl says:

    Hey, I’ll be interviewing Chris Birch (Achtung! Cthulhu) tomorrow for the CarpeGM Gamecast; I was wondering if you had any questions that you’d like asked.

  2. jnarvey says:

    Hey Dan! Thanks for stopping by. Questions? Let’s see…

    1. Any rules for playing an Old One, Shoggoth or other creature as a Player Wild Card? Perhaps Nyarlathotep that forgot who he was? A Shoggoth who attained sentience — and a moral code of some kind? A band of pre-mutated Innsmouth folks looking to save themselves from transforming into Deep Ones?

    2. Got plans for a Pacific campaign? I mean, you’d think the Japanese Imperial Navy would run across R’lyeh at some point, given how many boats they put in the water.

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