Savage Land of Oz Part 1. Emerald City Blues

Presenting a post-game roundup from a new Savage Worlds RPG scenario set in the fantasy land of the Wizard of Oz in short-fiction form. Continued from the background and character setup in Savage Land of Oz. Legendary Wild Cards

A gloom had come over the Kingdom of Oz. No one was quite sure when the troubles first began, for the conspiracy may have first taken root long ago.  The Emerald City had become a place of hushed whispers and sidelong glances.

Queen Ozra had gathered her champions into the throne room. The Tin Man, now Lord Protector of the Emerald City, was a regular in these parts. So was Scarecrow, who could often be found at the City’s Archives dabbling in eldritch experiments. Prince Ozra was naturally to be found at court (much to the chagrin of some of the courtiers). The Lion had long ago abandoned civilization to rule over his dominion in the forest; the feral Outsider looked distinctly uncomfortable as he made his return to the Emerald City, but his old friends were glad to see him.

“I have terrible news to report,” Queen Ozra said. “The Archive of Oz has been robbed of a number of magical items, including the Tin Man’s heart-shaped watch, Scarecrow’s diploma and the Lion’s medal of courage.”

“My heart!” the Tin Man exclaimed, with feeling. “Lost! Oh, how I miss it already.”

“My diploma?” Scarecrow asked. “Who the dickens would want that old parchment?” Despite the apathetic tone of his voice, his eyes showed that he truly cared. Maybe.

“My medal? I EARNED that!” the Lion growled. “Just thinking about that Wicked Witch of the West makes my skin crawl. Is she back? Don’t tell me she’s back. Please tell me she’s not back.”

“To make matters worse, Glinda the Good Witch has gone missing,” Queen Ozra continued. “As you know, she will often wander the magical realms without giving us notice, but the timing is suspicious.”

“That iiiiiiiiis suspicious,” Prince Ozra said. “Veeeery suspicious.”

“Who asked you, doughboy?” Scarecrow said. “I mean… actually, your concern is noted, Prince. Please forgive me. I was distracted from doing hundreds of quadratic equations in my head simultaneously. I’m sure you can relate.”

“That’s OK,” Prince Ozra said. He felt very depressed.

“If I may have your attention,” Queen Ozra said. “I have more news. I was scrying in my crystal ball late last night, as usual, when I came upon a startling sight. I saw our old friends Dorothy and Toto — somewhat older than when we last saw them, but there was no mistaking them.”

“Dorothy!” Scarecrow exclaimed. “She’d be, what, 24? 25? My, I’ll bet she’s a sight for sore eyes, all grown up now. Hmmm. She did say she would miss me most of all…”

“Scarecrow!” the Tin Man interrupted. “Dorothy is the finest, purest girl in this entire world.”

“I just seem to be upsetting everyone today,” Scarecrow said. “My apologies, old friend. I did not mean to impugn Dorothy’s virtue, even if my carefully chosen words did exactly that.”

“Dorothy and Toto were moving quickly through the enchanted forest, towards the old abandoned castle of the Wicked Witch of the West,” Queen Ozra went on.

“That’s so weird,” the Lions said. “I didn’t see her and none of my Beast Friends told me anything.”

“Because you’re a damned Lion,” Scarecrow said. ” You were probably sleeping off a meal of your so-called Beast Friends,” Scarecrow said. “Boom! Three for three!”

Prince Ozra let out a giant fart.

“Where is Dorothy now?” The Tin Man asked.

“She disappeared into the castle,” Queen Ozra said. “My crystal ball went dark. Right away, I sent out a detachment of Winkie guardsmen…”

“Winkie?” the Lion asked.

“Winkies are most of the people who live in Oz who aren’t Munchkins or unique oddities like ourselves,” Scarecrow explained.

“Still not getting it,” the Lion said.

“How do you not know about Winkies? They’re the ones the Witch enslaved last time? You remember, ‘O-Ee-Yah! Eoh-Ah!'”

“Oh, those blue guys?” the Lion asked. “So they’re just like regular people now?”

“Something like 90 percent of the people who live in Oz are Winkies,” Scarecrow said. “Which makes me wonder why the Queen described them just now as a ‘Winkie detachment’. Kind of like if humans sent in the 101st Airborne to the front and their general said ‘send in the Human 101st Airborne!’ It’s almost like she’s describing them for people who aren’t here with us.”

“What’s a 101st Airbum?” Prince Ozra asked Scarecrow.

Queen Ozra finally began to show a little impatience. Just a little, though. “The Winkie soldiers were not able to get to the castle. There is an invisible force shield keeping them back. When I saw they couldn’t get through, I called in the greatest champions of Oz to go forth and see what lurks behind the darkness. Then I called Prince Ozra to join you as well.”

“That’s ‘Prince’ Ozra,” Prince Ozra said.

“Yes, I introduced you that way,” the Queen replied.

Prince Ozra turned around and belched into his hands. It smelled terrible.

“Well, what are we standing around here, for?” the Tin Man asked. “Dorothy clearly needs our help! We must find out what is happening at that old castle, no matter the danger. Heroes, let us go at once!”

“I think that ‘Lord Protector’ title has gone to our friend’s head,” Scarecrow whispered to the Lion.

“But what if there’s danger?!” the Lion replied. “What if the witch has returned?”

“We have no data at this time to support such a conjecture,” Scarecrow said.

“But what if she’s really back?” the Lion pressed.

Scarecrow gave him a withering stare. “If she’s come back, then we deal with it. And we make sure she stays dead, this time.”

To be continued in Savage Land of Oz Part 2. Return to the Wicked Witch’s Castle


3 Comments on “Savage Land of Oz Part 1. Emerald City Blues”

  1. Linda Bean says:

    Where did you get the image of the “Emerald City”? We are doing a fundraiser at the college and would like to paint this image. I’m looking to get permission to do so. Do you have any idea where it came from, and how I could go about that?
    I would so appreciate it if you could help us – we are an inner city school and our annual fall Gala proceeds go directly to out students.
    Please help if you can, I would so appreciate it!!!!

    • Hey Linda! I normally publish a credit byline, since I get Creative Commons images off Flickr. Not sure why I didn’t in this instance. Unfortunately, I can’t find the photographer’s info and decided it best to take the image down since I can’t give credit. If it helps, I was probably searching Flickr for “magic castle” or something like that.

      • Linda Bean says:

        Sorry to cause a proble, I wasn’t intending to do that – I just loved the image and can’t find it anywhere else! Thanks for the hints…I’ll keep searching!

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