Magic the Gathering. May the Richest Nerd Win

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This week, our group decided to take a break from the Savage Worlds RPG and instead play a little Magic: the Gathering. I had a fun time. Had some cool battles. Lost both of ’em, but good times were had over a couple of beers.

But I was also reminded of why I avoided this game like the plague when it first came out. In fact, my first Magic game this week was my first Magic game ever — a rarity for a gamer, I think. Read the rest of this entry »


Savage Land of Oz Part 5. The Iron Maiden

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The Wicked Witch of the West has returned and the Land of Oz has fallen under her spell. Only Oz’ champions dare stand against the Witch’s supernatural forces. In the last part of our story, Hicks in the Sticks, our heroes overcame a genocidal plant elemental intent on conquering Oz’ hinterland. As the Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow and Prince Ozra approach the Emerald City, danger still lurks everywhere.

“I get the feeling danger lurks everywhere,” Prince Ozra said, while gorging himself on sticks of meat and little jars of various marmalades he’d packed before they left the Emerald City for the Wicked Witch’s castle. The group had somehow managed to avoid ┬ácontact with any patrols. It seemed the Witch’s Puppet-like guardsmen had lost some of their capacity to notice threats along with their free will. The trade had worked out in the heroes’ favor, at least so far. Read the rest of this entry »

Savage Roundup. A Gold ENnie, Firefly, Cthulhu and Red Sonja

Playing a Savage Worlds RPG alone is impossible. You need a good group to make it work. Likewise, a community of gamers online is an essential resource of ideas and inspiration for any GM. Here’s our first roundup:

Stay savage, Playas.

The Story of Grimm the Lizard-Wizard

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In a Lizard Folk village near the border with the land of humans, a scout came to Grimm the War-Mage’s home. It was a cave at the edge of the swamp, very much like the other inhabited caves of this settlement, aside from a dubious collection of skulls, esoteric magical ingredients and an unusual aroma of incense.

“Wizard, forgive my intrusion,” the scout pleaded. “But danger lurks near! Humans! They have killed many of our warriors. You are needed.” Read the rest of this entry »

Using Pre-Generated Characters in Savage Worlds

I’ve run five or six different campaigns in Savage Worlds at this point and used Pre-Generated Wild Cards for every single adventure. I’ve concluded that unless you’re running the same kind of campaign every time (ie. Always D&D fantasy or always Deadlands, etc) there’s no way to get around this. Pre-Generated Characters are a must.

Savage Worlds gives you the most flexibility for running any kind of campaign you want. That is it’s greatest strength. One time, you’re running D&D, the next is a pulp noir mystery. And even within those campaign types, you can have sub-genres; a D&D-style dungeon crawl, a D&D war between kingdoms, a D&D style city adventure). Our games move through plot points, not through sandbox maps, because we’re trying to tell at least some version of a story. And that’s why you can’t have Players just making up their own characters. For the adventure to be fun, the characters have to fit the story that the GM has in mind, at least to some degree. Read the rest of this entry »