Playing Savage Worlds Over Skype

An original member of our Savage Worlds playing crew is off to meet his destiny in a distant land, perhaps never to return. So, fellow gamers reading this blog — anyone tried patching another player in via Skype, Google chat or Facebook chat? What was your experience?

We’ll be trying this out over the next week or so. Any tips are appreciated.


3 Comments on “Playing Savage Worlds Over Skype”

  1. Wish I could help, but whenever we discuss this, we just joke about how all of a sudden, critical success rolls seem to be happening a lot more.

  2. Blindgeek says:

    In my podcast, Monkeys Took My Jetpack, we do all our gaming over Skype, using the honor system. There is plenty of failures. To me, it’s a trust issue. If you’ll excuse my bluntness, if there isn’t trust between a GM and players, they shouldn’t play together.

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