From Above Comes A Voice

God's Ass

Yes, this is my ass…

Myyyyyy voice!

I am here, little drooling puppets. I am your Game Master! Bow before my mighty mightiness, my stringed friends. I suggest you bow before my patience is tried. You do not want to see what things may fall out or lay exposed for all to see. It is a scary thought, is it not? My powers are all powerful! Tremble before my massive ego!

I decree that during our next session one of our numbers will fall. He will fight. He will struggle. He will devise all manner of solutions to save the day but it will be a fruitless endeavor.

You never know how far one may teeter on the edge of insanity before they leap, screaming into the multi-coloured darkness.




All will despair.

The horde will prevail. Unless… the secret is discovered or another comes along to betray them all. Until then, small, squishy, meat-bags.


One Comment on “From Above Comes A Voice”

  1. Looks like Atticus Moore may be presiding over a funeral. Hopefully, not his own. But then again, one day we all must be judged by that big GM in the sky before going off to the hereafter.

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