From Above Comes A Voice

God's Ass

Yes, this is my ass…

Myyyyyy voice!

I am here, little drooling puppets. I am your Game Master! Bow before my mighty mightiness, my stringed friends. I suggest you bow before my patience is tried. You do not want to see what things may fall out or lay exposed for all to see. It is a scary thought, is it not? My powers are all powerful! Tremble before my massive ego!

I decree that during our next session one of our numbers will fall. He will fight. He will struggle. He will devise all manner of solutions to save the day but it will be a fruitless endeavor.

You never know how far one may teeter on the edge of insanity before they leap, screaming into the multi-coloured darkness.




All will despair.

The horde will prevail. Unless… the secret is discovered or another comes along to betray them all. Until then, small, squishy, meat-bags.


Extended Campaigns vs. One-Shot Adventures

One thing about the Savage Worlds RPG that makes it different from other systems: there’s a real temptation to jump from genre to genre and experiment a bit. The Players in our little group have thus far experienced two classic D&D-style fantasy campaigns, an outer-space adventure, Zombie Run and the Wild West. That’s just in the six months or so we’ve been playing.

There are pros and cons to this approach. Shifting quickly through different genres gives the GM plenty of more options to let him try a game idea that’s been “rolling around in his brain for a little while.” The Players get a fresh approach each time, too. If they want to be the same kind of badass warrior in each adventure, they can do that — or they can try being an inventor or wizard or whatever. Read the rest of this entry »

Savage Characters!

I’ve been playing Savage Worlds now for a couple of months, and I have to say it’s been a lot of fun!

The first game I joined, I came right in the middle of the campaign.  The first character I played was pretty much made for me, and although it was fun there wasn’t much of an investment made by me.

I am now, what feels like half way through our second game and with the  advantages of being in the game from the start of the campaign, I’ve grown a serious attachment to everyone’s characters.

I took the time over the last day to draw our characters and here is what I came up with:

When I look our group I see some definite strategists that have taken the time to flesh out and put thought into their characters.

What I yet have to capture is the world.  And I really think that our story lines would translate very well into graphic novels.  What do y’all think?