On The Proper Handling of Hazardous Materials in Deadlands

In the Weird West of Deadlands, Savage Worlds gamers ought not to feel limited to trusting only in their six-shooters. I have learned from experience that it is handy to keep a few sticks of dynamite on hand, if a suitably-equipped general store or mining operation can supply these items.

Just this evening, a Player on my team instantly removed 20 of our opponents from view with some lit TNT. We also managed to take out about 12 of the enemy in the last gaming session as well. Running Buffalo can chuck sticks like a champ.

A cautionary note: dynamite is not so useful for a fight in the hands of players that lack the Throwing skill. Leaving it to a non-Wild Card character that lacks bennies — even an NPC with the Throwing skill, is risky business. We learned that the hard way when about a dozen of our own red-shirted NPCs were turned into mincemeat. Sad stuff.

  • According to the Omnipotent Eye, dynamite also comes in handy for dealing with horrible Cthulhu-inspired creatures from other dimensions as well. Good to know.

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