Recent Musings of a Savage Worlds Gamer

I started gaming again using the Savage Worlds RPG system about four months ago. One of the reasons I hadn’t done any gaming in years before that was because other systems I used sucked — including classic Dungeons & Dragons. Impossibly complicated rules made gaming less fun than it could have been. In contrast, Savage Worlds is intuitive and easy to pick up — and also allows for adaptation to any type of campaign, from pulp detective and old west to fantasy or horror. I like it, and so do my buddies, so it’s turned into a regular Tuesday night.

I’ve written a few pieces already, inspired by some recent gaming sessions. Rather than import them over from my personal blog, I’m just going to link to them and go from there.

Hope you enjoy what you read. If any gamers (Savage Worlds or otherwise) want to contribute their own blog posts, I am, as they say — game. Cheers.


* Some Thoughts on Running an RPG. In which I lament killing off my PCs and think about how I could have prevented a crisis in morale.
* The Savage World of Zombie Run. An epic re-telling of a zombocalypse campaign by the GM.
* Guilt. A Powerful Motivator for RPG Gamers. Ain’t that the truth.

I know it’s a new blog, but don’t lurk. Leave a comment! Thanks, y’all.


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